Windows Commands

Make Junctions

mklink /J [link] [target]

Create .cmd Files

Put the following in a ‘.cmd’ file:

cmd.exe /C C:\Python27\python.exe "C:\path\to\some\python\script" %*"

Refresh Environment Variables

I always forget this one.

But it seems that it will break something unexpectedly.


Open Folders

Run the following case-insensitive “names” directly in Run (press Win+R)


File inside Picture

Will put a file inside an image.

  • Put the files inside an archive (rar or zip)
copy /b input.jpg+input.rar=output.jpg
copy /b

Rename output.jpg to either output.rar or and unpack to get original file.

Note even if the original input archive is rar, try zip to see if it works.